Four Nights in December

About this project
In December of 2011, an independent rock band and their friends decided to embark on a very unique endeavor. The purpose was simple enough: To chronicle the making of their new album. However, what sets this particular film apart is its fundamental reliance on the DIY ideal…squeezing every last bit of potential from what you have at your disposal to make the best art you possibly can. No fancy recording studio—just a loft, lights, cameras, and a handful of ever-engaging imaginations. The result is a glimpse into the hearts and minds of, Trebuchet, an underground Denton, TX rock band and the people that believe in them.

Director, Producer, Director of Photography & Editing: Patrick Flaherty
Sound Editor: Dustin Fleming
Sound Recordist: Chris Galt
Sound Mixer: Kim Rosen
Cameraman: Charlotte Golden
Lighting Director: Marcus Junius Laws
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